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Welcome to Condado Taxi/ Condado Excursions minibus under Hire since 2010


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If  you do not prebook then standard fare applies. Need 24 hour notice to book minibus  / Taxi to get reduced rates. Complete forms below  to pre book  with 24 hr notice . One for Airport  One for trips  NO NIGHT TAXI  except airport transfer  

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For better rates  use Booking link below for Excursion or trip. WE NEED ADVANCE NOTICE DURING NORMAL OFFICE HOURS MIN DAY BEFORE .  We will check diary, availability and price .  Payment options are below after we confirm .  Pre pay for discount or meter price applies if Taxi available 

Key holding and cleaning


Keyholding and cleans at Condado Excursions 

                                 E mail :  countykeyclean@gmail.com

Basic keyholding packages and cleans for owner . 

Rentals trough Worldwide rental agency with 50 years experience. All legal registrations arranged locally.  Full Housekeeping packages arranged. 

Minibus  Airport Transfers arranged as part of a Holiday package for rental clients . Tourist Trips to Seaside  Port on regular offer  min 50 e for hire or 10 e pp return for Clients   Minibus on Hire with Hire insurance .  Taxi available if necessary. 

Mobility hire and baby equipment hire can be arranged with prior notice . 

Inquiry/Booking/Payment . CARD PAYMENT LINK ON REQUEST


Official rates taxi meter seem high because a normal Taxi spends time on call waiting for work which adds to expense different to a  Taxi in a busy metropolitan area. Murcia Airport Taxis  have published 56e -66e one way . Recently our meter was 48 euros from Murcia Airport to Condado . Pre book up to 4 passengers  with us is 90 euro return 

Alicante is another region and therefore I apply  Price on Application  for many reasons. e mail condadotaxi@gmail.com  Journey/ No.passengers/time of day


 Please ensure the contact number phone is charged and switched on as soon as you are at luggage area for us to contact you if necessary.

RMU Murcia International Look out for a sign by arrivals or make your way to exit . Keep looking for sign . Minibus turn left and look for Condado Excursions sign 

Alicante look out for sign and turn left in arrivals wait by seats near cafe . Minibus go to level minus -2. Turn left and go to Bay 1  to 5 

About Us


Our Background

Condado Taxi / Excursions has been operating on Condado de Alhama since 2010. Our Taxi is licenced by Alhama de Murcia . It is Taxi No 10 and can carry 6 passengers .We also have a Region of Murcia Transport licence.This is the only vehicle based on Condado that  Payment can be made at the vehicle and prices are based on Meter monitored and set  by the authorities. all airport collections have to have a contract by law. 

 We have minibuses that carry 8  one is a long wheel base . These are registered and insured for hire . These need to be pre booked and prepaid  through this web site . 

Discounts to official price are based on pre booked and prepaid rates please enquire.


We are based on Condado de Alhama and most of our time is spent on Airport Transfers for which a contract is required . Please use link below to book . Minibuses require pre payment and a contract so we will provide you with options to pre pay. 

All vehicles carry 50 million euro liability insurance 

Information may be shared with community administrators. Renters please have evidence from owner of rental . 


Our Services

During the main season we are often engaged on an airport transfer which limits availability of Taxi. We encourage you to pre book , this means we have more flexibility and can plan better . Should Taxi be available if you do not pre book then standard meter price applies . 

Please use link below. If party less than 8 we may have more opportunity to advertise  trip to reduce cost 

  • County Keyholding from Condado Excursions 

Established on Condado de Alhama since 2009 initially looking after properties near us by request of owners and have continued doing this. Realised there was a Transport problem and wanted to run a minibus Taxi Service. Local Town Hall licenced minibus but Transport allowed Hire only.  After many changes in Law  7 seat Taxi now available . Minibus still available and  can be hired and as part of your Apartment rental so we are reaching out to owners who rent and would like to enhance your offer by including us in your package. We have been operating 9 years and have clarified with Transport Inspectors our paperwork is in order. We know exactly what we can and can not do. 

Anyone one else who is just looking for a basic key hold and clean service and does not have an existing key holder please contact . We are respectful of long standing reputable keyholders and are not looking to take over their business .  

Keyholding & cleaning services  from Condado Excursions.  

120 euro pa ( clients get offers on Minibus Transfers and   get informed of availability on trips )


E mail keyholdingatjardines11@hotmail.com 


Golf courses

There are many golf courses surrounding Condado de Alhama. The on site course is part of many designed by Jack Nicklaus  click on picture 


There are many others in regions 


Preferred payment methods Transferwise and revolut

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E mail questions ,Airport Transfer, trips, Excursions etc Prices vary Airport? Passengers? etc

Please provide details of flight and destination . How many passengers ? journey . 

or request  card payment link 

e mail condadotaxi@gmail.com

Condado de Alhama Murcia 30849

Airport meeting points

Please ensure the contact number phone is charged and switched on as soon as you are at luggage area for us to contact you if necessary.
RMU Murcia International Look out for a sign by arrivals or make your way to exit . Keep looking for sign Alicante look out for sign and turn left in arrivals wait by seats